Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have been pondering for months, actually, probably longer than that; let's say years, on a project that I would like to take on as a continuing series of postings.  

There is a LONG list of people in my life who inspire me in varied ways.  They are close friends, family members, acquaintances, strangers, and everywhere in between.  I have been yearning to sit down with these people and interview them, get to know them better, find out what makes them tick (or tic, as the case may be ;) ), and in my own little way, share them with everyone I can. 

My desire to share them with you is multifaceted: 
  • Hopefully you will find them as inspiring as I do.
  • Hopefully you will follow their work, buy their products or support their causes.  
  • Hopefully people will connect with others that they may never have met otherwise and blossom in their own lives because of it.
  • Hopefully the lives of all involved will be enriched in some way.  I know mine will be.
I made the leap today.  I reached out to someone that I barely know in "real life."  I follow her blogs, her facebook postings, her Etsy shop.  This is a woman with incredible grace, humor, talent and beauty.  She inspires me with every word she writes.  I have wanted to get to know her better for so long now, and took a chance that she might be receptive to be my interview guinea pig.  Hooray - she agreed!  We set a date to get together in the near future.  I can barely contain my excitement!  I can't wait to tell you all about her!  Stay tuned!!  :)

This is my dream:  To help others find light in themselves and each other. 
These are lofty goals.  I am going to give it my all.