Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Handful of Scrumptious Firsts.

Last Tuesday was awesome.  As in: I was full of awe, all day long.  I had the house in a pretty good state, considering the amount of fur my dog has been depositing everywhere.  It was a gorgeous day, so I walked around outside for a few minutes to soak in some sun, and then headed down to my basement studio, where I completed... 

First #1:  I made my first hand crafted, Coptic stitch bound, watercolor paper art journal.  
Watercolor paper, folded and stitched into a journal.
I followed the directions that Jeanne Oliver includes as part of her "The Journey of Letting Go {creating beauty from ashes}" online art course, which I wrote a bit more about here.  

I made the stitches a little too tight, so it didn't want to stay closed all of the way.  I put a stack of big, heavy books on it, and she's right as rain now.  :)  

I used the thick backer board from the watercolor paper pad as the cover, and covered it with some cute scrap-booking paper as a base upon which I will embellish, probably with some vintage paper decoupage, a bit of acrylic paint, maybe a found object or two... But I was pretty pumped about having made a book that looks like an actual book!  

Every step in the process of making it was thrilling to me:  using my bone folder to make crisp edges on each folded piece of paper; using my new awl to create holes in the paper for stitching through; punching the holes in just the right spots of the front and back covers; waxing embroidery floss for the binding; snugging each stitch as I aligned all of the layers, adjusting as needed.  I love love love using my hands to create useful things.  SO satisfying.

First #2:  I spotted the first baby geese of the season while driving to get my daughter from school.  
I had to get this photo from Free Stock Photos because the parents of the actual cute baby geese that I saw would not let me anywhere NEAR said cute baby geese. :o/
I get so excited about the progress of Spring:  Longer days, warmer breezes, new leaves and flowers and charming, fuzzy little critters.  Eeep!

Luscious lilacs in my front yard.

First #3:  I went with my mom and daughter to my first Melanie (yes, THAT Melanie) concert!!!

Which I have decided needs it's own post, because it was so dang special!!!

So, tell me:  What have YOU been awe-struck over lately?  Are you more likely to feel awed by something that you made happen, or by something you just happened across?

Part of a displayed collection at Rochester Museum and Science Center, which is a constant source of wonder and enchantment.

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