Monday, February 10, 2014


Tickle in throat
Chest begins to feel heavy and burny
Slight fatigue and neck aches set in
Tickle, burn, fatigue, and aches intensify and spread, ever so slowly
Make it through the day on PMA and force of will
Return home, relieved to have had a successful day
Fatigue and aches get a good roll going
Still hungry, needing fuel, but not really interested
Husband makes herbal tea and a healthy meal with minor assist from me
Food tastes good, but discomfort increases in kind with fullness of stomach
Struggle to find a comfortable position
Food finally settles and the stomach pain ebbs
Body relaxes a bit and then warmth creeps into my cheeks
Then my eyelids
Then my ears
The top of my head
Fatigue is pulling me down
Aches dig deeper, down from neck, into back
Up from neck into skull
Down from back into hips
Sink into bed, buried in layers
Hoping for restorative sleep

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