Sunday, January 10, 2010

My quest to become more organized, creative, productive, accountable...

This is going to be quick, but I wanted to get this ball rolling. If I don't start NOW, when will I ever start? My idea is to do at least one recipe, project, craft, organization project or suggestion on the Martha Stewart website each day and blog about it. I will start tomorrow, as today I am under the weather and the floors need to be swept and mopped before my husband, daughter and dog come back from their hike in the snowy woods and dirty it again! :)

My main reasons for doing this are, simply stated:
  1. I am very disorganized, and have always wanted to be more organized.
  2. I want to write/ create more and I hope that this will keep me motivated and accountable to myself.

I will go into more depth about my inspiration for this endeavor and the thoughts that have been racing through my atrophied brain since last night when I saw the movie Julie/ Julia for the first time. I'm SURE there were many people inspired by the movie in such a way. The premise just begged to be emulated. I personally saw a lot of parallels between myself and character of Julie in the movie. There have been many happenings in my life as of late that lead me to this point. I look forward to dissecting it all here and seeing where it all leads me. Onward and upward! Now, about those floors...