Thursday, January 14, 2010

Project #2 (a day late due to unforeseen circumstances) DECOUPAGE!

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I DID manage to make my project yesterday, but I did NOT manage to blog at that time.  We had a busier than usual and completely exhausting day yesterday.  There are a few things that trump blogging, and snuggling with my loves after a long, trying day and getting much needed sleep are among those things.  Last night I required snuggling and sleeping.  Today, it was 2 woodland hikes, dental work, playdate, homework, American Idol and co-counselling my dear friend for two hours.  I must sleep...

p.s.  This decoupaged letter H will be further embellished when I get the proper information, and will update in the future.  The decoupage technique was inspired by Martha.  It is something I have longed for YEARS to delve into.  It was fun and soothing and ZEN.  I can't wait to add the finishing touches.